Re-made my business cards and added a few new ones... being asian
    makes descriptions so much harder. I'm the asian one. With a lisp.

  2. ED

    Huzzah! It's mid-2012 and I've been in the wilderness since finishing my degree.
    Taking time out has helped give me a more positive outlook on the future and
    I'm in the process of getting myself ready for my placement at Skew!

    It's all very exciting & terribly good so I thought I would show a few bits and
    pieces I've made in the last few months :) 

    A wee typography video on Ed Sheeran's, 'You Need Me I Don't Need You'.

  3. 'I'm Peeta & You Know It' tee made using my new screenprinting machine!



    Anchors Aweigh bag made for bessie mate!


    Self Promo (Not Self Promo) stuff test using screenprinting schizzle!

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