Design Features for eCommerce Platforms

So, you have made up your mind to popularize your company on the web and sell products online. There are various ways to do that, but the most effective and successful one is creating an eCommerce website. It does not really matter what exactly you are going to sell on the web. What actually matters is the type of the platform you will make and the way you are going to promote it. To help you figure out the most important design features your online shop won’t be functional and effective without, let’s have a look at the following recommendations:

1.  Easy and Understandable Navigation

Navigation can be one of the most crucial aspects of your store’s design. And it’s really so, because the time a person spends online matters a lot for everyone. The more user-friendly and understandable the navigation is, the more chances for success your online store has. Taking into account an extensive selection of products available in any online shop, easy navigation may help customers find what they currently need in less than no time at your online store.

2. Mobile Compatibility

The next design feature we will talk about is mobile compatibility. To be in demand with the customers, your online shop should be compatible with as many mobile devices as possible. This is not to mention the fact that it should also fit the prevailing amount of screen sizes. You, probably, keep noticing the shoppers making their purchases on the go. So, why not simplify the shopping process for them? These tasks are achieved through the application of the responsive design, which is gaining popularity these days. And you can find out more about it in case of necessity. Properly thought-out responsive design approach can make the design of your online store look perfect, irrespective of the type and screen size of the device you are using while shopping.

3. Time to Load is a Priority

Although, it is not easy to assume that the loading time of your online store may be related to its design, to some extent, this is really so. Do you know that around 40% of shoppers are expected to abandon the online shop (even if it is functional and has much to offer) if it loads longer than 3 seconds? How would you behave in this situation? Would you act the same or, maybe, you will prefer to wait? Well, this depends upon lots of aspects, but the fact remains as it is: most users will leave the site if it loads too long. To avoid or prevent the problem, consider the design of the site. Develop the one that loads the catalogue of products quickly, even though, this design maybe somewhat simpler as compared to other types of websites. For this purpose, it makes sense to do the following:

  • Use effective compression tools to compress large files and make them smaller. Smaller files load quicker, but this does not affect the quality of the images, especially if they are clear and meet the needs of your customers;

  • Use eye-catching background photos and sliders;

  • Make use of trusted content delivery networks. They provide the cached store versions from the local servers directly to your customers;

  • Upgrade your hosting plan if necessary to improve the load time.

The features mentioned above that can help you detect the store designs that come with qualities your customers will appreciate and match your business specification.

Kenson Lai

Rating: 5.0/1