How Will the Website Trends Change in 2016?

The year 2015 comes to its end and web designers from all over the world are looking forward to find out the new website design trends that are going to prevail next year. How exactly will they affect the future of website design? What features will they have? Which of the existing trends will not be popular anymore? These are only a few questions that bother web designers nowadays. Well, it is close to impossible to state what trends exactly will pop up in 2016, but we can still make predictions, taking into account the existing state of affairs. So, here are some of them:


1. An Improved Grid Layout

While responsive websites are expected to gain popularity next year, some websites designed in such a way, look quite similar and do not bear the feeling of uniqueness, which can make them stand out in the crowd. That is why web designers will probably try to change the situation incorporating the grid layout in the design of the site. This will give the resources more organic and personalized touch.


2. Custom-Created Images

Creating custom-made photos may help improve the conversion rate of the site. Some designers, of course, will not consider bothering with custom-made images and logos important. Well, it is much easier, of course, to download the existing packs of vectors from the Internet, but will they make your site unique? Definitely, not! That’s why this prediction surely has grounds.

3. Integration of Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs… They have not been quite widespread in 2015, but they will surely become popular in 2016! Watching the pictures and images that start moving out of a sudden can keep anyone interested and engaged. Just like movies, photos and videos, this feature enhances the overall effect the website makes upon the visitor and contributes to the site’s popularity. At the same time, cinemagraphs is much more than just a photo or a video - this is the completely new technology, integration of which can bring any website to the brand new level!


4. Storytelling Options

The website, which is designed in the form of storytelling, will hardly leave anyone indifferent. One of the best examples here is the project done by Nike, which advertises its sports apparel and accessories through depicting the morning workout process of a young woman. When you watch the video, you feel engaged in the process by means of following the storytelling it represents. If you have not managed to visit the website we are talking about, just do it and you will understand what we mean! By making use of the storytelling options, users may “interact” with the website, thus watching the products in use and making their subconscious choice


5. Implementation of Lazy Loading Effects

Have you ever heard anything about Lazy Loading effects? If not, then you should know that they are likely to become trendy next year! These effects are primarily implemented on those websites that are constantly updated, in the result of which users have to spend much time following the changes. This especially concerns social networks and other suchlike resources. Implementation of Lazy Loading may help view the content published on the page before it loads. This is what makes the feature convenient and user-friendly.

These are only a few web design trends that are predicted to become popular in 2016. So, there is no much time left and we will soon see, whether these predictions will become real or not!

Kenson Lai

Rating: 5.0/1