Major Ways to Improve the Design of Your Website

What are those factors that make a difference between the success of a website and its failure? This question bothers hundreds of users, who are just going to create their personal sites in order to promote their businesses or reach any other goals they have set. Meanwhile, you should realize that even the smallest details or features, such as the font, the color scheme, the photos and, of course, the content, matter a lot when it comes to website success and managing online reputation. Listed below are a few effective ways to improve the design of your website:


Make Up the Logo of Your Company and Link it to Your Site (Homepage)

Whatever business you are going to promote, it should obligatory have its specific logo that will make it recognizable for the public. Linking the Logo of your company to the homepage of your website will drive more traffic to it, especially if the image is clear and of high-resolution. This feature will also make it easier for users to navigate through the site.

Ensure Easy and Intuitive Navigation

Experts have figured out that users don’t wish to browse through the sites, the navigation of which leaves much to be desired. Looking for specific information, they give preference to those resources, which ensure easy and intuitive navigation. This means that you should publish less important links in the bottom part of the website page, preferably in the footer. This will not distract the attention of users from the content they are looking for.

Manage the Content

The content is one of the most significant things, when it comes to the website success. Try to make it readable, inserting enough space between the paragraphs and getting rid of the unwanted images and videos. Well, some visitors may like them, but only if their amount is not that huge! And, of course, try to use only high-quality photos, which will not spoil the look of your website. When adding content, make sure the paragraphs are not long. They should be short and understandable to keep the users interested and engaged in reading.

Watch the Colors and the Design

Web design experts have proven that the color scheme of the site affects its success and popularity among the visitors. Don’t make your site too bright and attention-grabbing. Avoid using bright colors that will distract users from the content. Designing a site in a neutral and even somewhat strict color scheme always contributes to the success of the resource, giving it modern, elegant and pleasant look.

Speaking about the overall website design, it is initially recommended to make it responsive. This feature will help automatically adapt the way you want your site to look to that your potential visitors will see it. Responsive websites, which adapt to the size of the browser depending upon the device used, are visited more often and become popular among users. This results in better engagement of visitors and higher conversion rates.


These are the major aspects you should pay attention to if you really wish to make sure users won’t leave your website right after they land there. Make use of these recommendations and may your newly created website be popular with the users!

Kenson Lai

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