The Main Web Design Trends For 2015

Web design trends change each year giving way to spectacular effects, advanced design platforms, versatile options etc. As time goes by, some of them disappear, while others remain for good helping web designers adapt their products to meet the changes that happen in this specific area. Listed below are a few web design trends that are expected to flourish in 2015:

1. Responsive Design

The development of online technologies has notably expanded the definition of the responsive design that now has to be available not only on smartphones and tablets, but on smart watches, modern home appliances and other devices as well.

As far as smartphones and tablets have similar interaction systems, the basic problem was to make the content clear and easy to navigate. When it comes to smart watches, however, the problem becomes more complicated, because most website designs cannot be used on these devices. Hopefully, new responsive design solutions are expected to emerge in 2015.

2. Flexible Typography

The fact is that type on the web differs a lot from that in print, which often results in texts looking too squeezed and small on various websites. Actually, there are three factors that affect the type readability. These include the column width, the size of the type and the line height. To make the text readable at major sites regardless of the platform, these criteria should be adjusted properly, which is going to happen by the end of 2015.

3. Development of Parallax Scrolling Animation and Microinteractions

Parallax scrolling animation is surely one of the most amazing web design trends that are expected to emerge in 2015. Application of this technique is a superb idea, which will result in faster page downloading and crafting smooth transitions from one point to another without any jarring involved.

4. Web Coding Decline

Extensive development of smart website tools has made it possible for web designers to create sites without any web code use. New algorithms keep emerging each year behind all platforms, making the process of website creation more sophisticated, impressive and comfortable.

5. Flat Design

Flat design is blooming nowadays and is going to flourish in 2015 as well. Web designers admit that it is one of the most favorable techniques, which makes the sites clear, clutter-free, lean and focused on content. Flat design is both attractive and practical, which allows users to appreciate the content without distracting from it.

Web designs mentioned above gain popularity these days and are going to find superb acceptance in 2015.

Kenson Lai

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