The Pros & Cons of Online Website Builders

Over the past many years, both designers & developers have grown towards the use of tools designed to assist in the development of websites such as online website builders and content management systems (CMS). Due to this trend there are now many different solutions and options to choose from, and it can be difficult to narrow the scope of website builders appropriate to your needs.

Various express a highlighted series of modules and features such as an online shop, blog, or personal profile, however, there are also a selection of flexible solutions available. In this article we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of using platforms and tools such as these when developing your site.


  • The main convenience provided by online builders would most certainly be simplicity. Convenience and the ability to create websites over a short time frame. In general, most platforms do not require prior knowledge of coding or programming and provide straightforward and simple tools to not so tech-savvy users, and more advanced source editing feature for the designers & developers out there looking for an effective time-conscious solution to development.
  • Free hosting is a definite and straightforward advantage.
  • Usually a large selection of templates are provided allowing users to easily change the design. Editing approaches also adopt the use of WYSIWYG and Drag-N’-Drop interfaces letting users adjust designs and content sections with ease.
  • Many of the modules used to expand website functionality work out of the box and require little to know setup and management.
  • For 99% of builders users can be assured there are no errors or bugs in the source code. Out of the box systems are created to work perfectly


The use of online builders does unfortunately also bring with it a series of shortcomings:

  • Despite most platforms providing large varieties of customisable templates, the quality of these templates is not always perfect. Many templates have similar structures and mightn’t be flexible when providing editing capabilities to users. Although there are exclusions to this as can be seen in builders such a uKit or Wix. Still, many out of the box templates can lack character and aesthetic detail due to the universal application users require of them. To resolve this situation it is not uncommon for designers, developers, and webmasters to put considerable time and effort into adjusting and developing templates.
  • The reputation of websites built on these platforms can also sit with a precarious balance. Many users view websites created on these platforms as a cheap and nasty alternative. That is, they lack the regard of a tailored website and experience. Unfortunately most people simply lack the time to spend on the development of the structure and layout of a website, and in addition content, which is a core element in determining the success of a website. Designers & developers can only implement the primary stages of a new website, the client and end users are who still continue the work, just as much as with a CMS.
  • Most often advertising is displayed on users websites who have not paid for a premium package while using online services. This can be in the form of a banner, badge, or popups. Generally these can be disabled by upgrading to premium. On the other hand by purchasing packages and additional features you also reap the benefits of extending the capabilities you can facilitate while managing a website.


Within this article we’ve evaluated the requirements of the webmaster when approaching online web builders with a broad outline. Features can vary platform to platform, but the general sense of the matter is clear - whether or not to use these tools depends on your goals, requirements, and capabilities. If for you the advantages of website builders outweigh the disadvantages, then it’s definitely a good choice to use them.

I could have within this article recommended for you to use uCoz for general websites, Wix & uKit for business websites, however, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. You need to decide which tools are going to empower you to achieve the goals of your website, and make the appropriate decision from there.

Kenson Lai

Rating: 4.8/31