Website Personalization Ideas

It is not a secret that people like to be addressed personally. It does not really matter where they go and what they are going to do – personal address forms give them the feeling of being special. The same concerns website building and promotion experience. Making a web resource personalized is a nice chance to drive traffic to it and grow your business. This is because your potential and real customers will feel needed and important to you. Listed below are the major website personalization ideas you can make use of.

1. Offer Individual Approach

When thinking over the design of your website, you should also consider the interests of each and every user, who will visit it. Regardless of the age, gender and occupation of people, who will visit your site looking for the services or products they need, each of them should feel that you address them personally. How should that be done effectively? What you should realize is that the homepage is like the visiting card of your business. So, try to use universal forms of address and neutral images that will welcome any guests, making them feel that you value them.

2. Utilize Different Content With Regard to the Referral Links

The links used by people to visit your site can tell you a lot about their interests and expectations. Just have a look at them and you will understand what content exactly should be added to the site and what forms of address will cater better. Let’s say, your visitor has come from the Facebook page, which can make you think that he/she is looking for a short message or ad. Correspondingly, you should fill your site with short and attention-grabbing messages.

The same concerns users, who come from more reputable resources. These categories of users may be looking for more detailed content and this fact should not be overlooked as well. To understand what messages should prevail at your website to make it look personalized, it makes sense to analyze the most frequently-visited page and try to upload those images and information you consider important and essential. If this works out and the traffic of your site increases, then you are welcome to repeat the same actions with other pages.


3. Take Care of the Newbies

It is not a secret that your site may be visited by hundreds of users during one and the same day. The prevailing amount of them will surely be the newbies – those people, who visit the resource for the first time. It seems close to impossible to make your site appealing and attractive to all of them, without any exceptions. At the same time, if you are really interested in the promotion of your business and traffic generation, then you should try your best effort to make the website look personalized. This is where the IP addresses of the devices used by the visitors will come in handy to you.

It does not really matter that you are not aware of the contact information of those people, who visit the site for the first time. Knowing their IP addresses, you will be able to find out what countries those users come from and what interests they might have. For instance, if a user comes from Spain, you can personalize the website for this person by creating a Spanish version of it.

Another option is to provide the contacts of the office located in that area, thus making it more convenient for a user to make use of your services.

 Hopefully, these simple ideas will help you personalize your website for the prevailing amount of your visitors!

Kenson Lai

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